Carta a Sir Paul McCartney

I have never written a letter to you before, even when you came to Mexico on 1993 and 2002. I was wondering if write to you or not was good, because I know you receive tons of letters daily..
I was also wondering if you have the time to read this letter or not, because at this time you are busy touring the USA and/or rest of the World.
Relativity in recent time, on August 19th, 20th 2005, Johnny Farina performanced in Mexico city in a famous hall. He played here after 40 years. I have the chance to meet him and to talk with him, I did an interview to him. Even I met Johnny Laboriel, uncle of the drummer of your band Abe Laboriel Jr.
Johnny Farina was part of a duet “Santo and Johnny Farina” playing the steel guitar and they recorded several albums, one was a tribute album to the Beatles released on the fall 1964.
At that time there was not Capitol offices and representation in Mexico of this record label and even of the Beatles, so a small local label named Muzart was pressing the Beatles albums but the distribution was poor, even people needed to collect Pepsi- cola corks and the fans ex change them for a Beatles album.
At that time many people known at first the cover versions of Santo and Johnny of songs like “And I love her” (21 weeks on the top ten, the Santo and Johnny version), “A hard day’s night”, etc than the Beatles versions. (Your versions of course) .
Manuel Guerrero (one of the guys that is the radio announcer of the Beatles daily radio programs on 92.1 FM) admits that the first contact he has with the Beatles music was the Santo and Johnny Tribute album to the Beatles, and the story is the same in many other Beatles fans in Mexico.

In many aspects, Santo and Johnny opened the Mexican gates to the Beatles, and Mexico is the country that most love the Beatles and the country were the Beatles are reminded not only during your visits or special dates but all days of the year.

So Dearest Sir Paul, I want to ask you the following:
It would be wonderful you could meet Johnny Farina, Because during the interview I do and after that I asked him if you know his work, specially the cover version to “And I love her” and he said: “I think he might not know about it”, and it ‘s important you could meet him, because thanks to him the Beatles music started to be known in Mexico; At first the Santo and Johnny versions, then the original versions, your versions.
It would be great you and Johnny Finally after long time could talk and exchange points of view.

Sir Paul, I wish to you and your family all the best and thanks so much for your concerts in México City, I hope in a close future you could play in Monterrey.


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Asa Grande dijo...

Ve con un terapeuta para que dejes de virginizarte al lado de tu mamá wey, ademas crees que Paul va a leer estas idioteces, y pensar que me tachaman de idiota a mi!!!